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Manufacture of fruit pulps, sauces, jams, chopped fruit

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What food industries use fruit pulp in their production process?

We are present in the dairy industry, fast food industry, mass consumption industry, carbonated beverage industry.

Is your fruit pulp suitable for large-scale food production?

Indeed, we have bulk presentations that allow us to adapt our products to industrial production.

Why choose Ecuadorian fruit pulp?

Ecuador is a privileged country that has quality fruit throughout the year, which allows us to provide different varieties of fruit-derived products uninterruptedly.


What uses does fruit pulp have in the food industry?

We can find our products as raw material such as: ice creams, jams, ice cream toppings, drinks, yogurts, natural powder supplements, desserts.

What flavors do you offer?

We have more than 19 flavors of fruit pulp, each of which can be adapted to the specifications of our customers.

Can you provide a wide variety of fruit pulp flavors?

Yes, indeed we work in co-creating unique specifications for each need of our clients.


How do you guarantee the high quality of your fruit pulp?

We have international certifications, such as FSCC22000 that guarantee the entire production process, from the selection of our suppliers to the delivery of each product to the end customer.

Is the pulp of your fruit free of preservatives and artificial flavors?

Our pure pulps are 100% fruit extracts. However, our products can be adapted to any type of need.


What are the available package and size options for fruit pulp?

All of our products are adapted to the needs of our clients, the primary presentations can vary from 1kg to 250kg. It all depends on the intended use of the product.

How is frozen fruit pulp shipped?

Frozen fruit pulp must maintain a cold chain of -18 degrees, which allows guaranteeing the properties of the product.